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Pedicure & Spa Chair Services

Pedicure/Spa Installation & Repair


Maintenance your salon equipment , specially your pedicure spa chair is a main key to keep the customers, avoid the risk of State Board fines  and  you will have a piece of mind to focus on your business. We will help to make your spa last at least 5+ years.
We provide maintenance services.

Our Repair Services

  • Remove Old Pedicure Spa

  • Hook Up New Pedicure Spa

  • Add-on New Pedicure Spa to existing plumbing

  • Complete  problem Diagnostics

  • Complete repair detail / replacement part listing

  • Repair Pedicure tub leaking, Jet problem, overflow drainer issue etc.

  • Replace cracked/ broken bowl with high quality 100% temple glass-bowl

  • Replace Magnetic Whirlpool Jet for using with liner

  • Add-on power discharge pump

  • Tune - up Massage mechanism.

  • Massage Electrical repair specialist

Service/Repair Appointment: $200.00*

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*You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule service appointment after purchase*

**Price includes (1) service appointment & 50 miles round-trip travel. Additional mileage is: $1.00per mile**

***Price includes 1 hour of labor. Additional labor charges may apply, based on additional work (parts replacement) at: $100.00 per hour***

****Additional parts & labor may be required - Separate invoice will be provided****

< All Non-Warranty Service Calls must be Paid 48 hours in Advance to Scheduled Service Date>

Pedicure chair repair
Pedicure chair installation
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