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Flat Screen TV Installation

Garbage Basic Disposal Installation $185.00

Faucet Basic Installation $185.00

Dishwasher Basic Installation $225.00

Under Counter Water Filter Installation: $235.00 - $285.00

Appliance Installation



Exercise Equipment Repair

Fitness Equipment Repair

Medical Equipment Repair




Adjustable Bed Repair







Massage Chair Repair

Pedicure Chair Repair

Salon Chair Repair


Handyman Services

- fixture/equipment installation

- light plumbing

- light electrical

- kitchen & bathroom renovations

- Hot water dispenser installation

Service/Repair Appointment: $185.00*




*You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule service appointment after purchase*

**Price includes (1) service appointment & 50miles round-trip travel. Additional mileage is: $1.00per mile**

***Price includes 1 hour of labor. Additional labor charges may apply, based on additional work (parts replacement) at: $100.00 per hour***

****Additional invoice will be provided****





- Hourly Rate for All Other Jobs: $125.00hr

Salon Installation Services

- Hair

- Nail

- Spa


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